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African Ports Platform Investment


A.P. Moller Capital is making a sizable investment in a ports and logistics platform in West Africa to create growth and development.

The investment will see A.P. Moller Capital take 43% ownership of the platform, an infrastructure ecosystem of ports, trucking, warehouses and rail services. The platform is managed by ARISE Ports & Logistics, based in the UK.

The investment will be made through the Africa Infrastructure Fund, in partnership with Olam International (Olam) and Africa Finance Corporation (AFC). Olam is set to own 31% and AFC 26% of the platform.

ARISE Ports & Logistics will be a large shareholder in each ecosystem and will in most cases have other co-investors. In both the mineral port, the general cargo port and the adjacent ecosystem in Gabon, one of the co-investors is the country’s public development institution, CDC Gabon.

Kim Fejfer, the managing partner and CEO of A.P. Moller Capital will be appointed chairman of ARISE Ports & Logistics.



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