CTN (Cargo Tracking Note) Certificate

Detailed information about Cargo Tracking Note

Cargo Tracking Note or the Advanced Shipment Information (CTN/ASHI) is required by over 20 countries in west and central Africa. Although the procedure and duration of obtaining CTN vary, the importance of the certificate is even across all countries. Here are all the features of the CTN certificate that you need to know.

What is Cargo Tracking Note?

Cargo Tracking Note or simply CTN document is an official loading document a number of African countries require. The CTN certificate contains detailed information of your cargo and its movement between ports as well as the transit period. The CTN certificate must accompany any shipment to the country demanding CTN before the cargo arrives at the port.

To ready your goods for clearance through customs, CTN certificates enable destination port authorities to have all necessary information before shipments arrive.

Why CTN certificate is important?

Port authorities claim that the aim of the CTN is to contribute to the substantial reduction of risk, real-time monitoring and reliable assessments of import goods, their shippers, importers, and other details. Many Countries in the African continent require exporters to notify Custom Authorities about the shipment details before they arrive. The Cargo Tracking Note system facilitates this requirement.

The CTN certificate, also known as waiver document, allows Marine Custom Authorities access information about exporter/importer, shipping route and methods,  type and value of the consignment, the value of freight as well as the details about commodity being carried.

It is very important exporter submits the subject document before the cargo arrives at its final destination.

The loading document provides security assurance and allows customs authorities to trace the shipment before it arrives at the port of discharge. Shipping or arrival without CTN certificate may result in high fines at the destination port. Also, through the system, each country can maintain statistical data for future logistical monitoring.

Types of CTN certificate

There are different types of CTN certificate depending on the country of discharge. In fact, these are the same certificate with different names. Thus, each country requires its own waiver certificate applicable its own regulations and requirements.

The list of types of CTN is as follows:

CTN: GhanaLiberia,

BESC: Benin; Cameroon.

ECTN: Republic of Chad; Togo; Guinea Conakry; Libya; Central African Republic; Republic of Congo; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Equatorial Guinea; South Sudan

BSC: Ivory CoastSenegalNigerMadagascarMali.

FERI: Democratic Republic of Congo

CNCA: Angola

BEITC: Gabon

CEE: Guinea Bissau

ENS: Sierra Leone.

The process of CTN application

Every country which requires a CTN has its own requirements and procedures. The above links provide you regulations of each country. The whole process of obtaining CTN certificate is completed online. Once you attain all the required documents, you can simply email them to info@unvs.co.uk

The draft CTN certificate is prepared accordingly and sent for your assessment and confirmation. After you give us green light on the draft and make the necessary payment, the validated certificate will be sent to notify Authorities. Furthermore, we will send you a copy of the CTN certificate for your information. The whole of the process roughly takes 2-3 working days.

For more information, please contact us at info@unvs.co.uk

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