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You're protected by the BIFA STC

We’ll like to remind our clients and partners alike that our operations are guided by the British International Freight Association’s (BIFA) Standard Trading Conditions.

Who is BIFA

The British International Freight Association, also known as BIFA, is the prime United Kingdom trade association representing UK freight forwarders.

As an organisation representing UK forwarders, BIFA ensures that the highest level of compliance is adopted by its members across all aspects of their businesses, with stringent requirements imposed for membership consideration.

The Association acts as an authoritative voice for the industry at official and government levels, it is also responsible for setting industry standards and providing both educational courses and required mandatory training programs which enhance the professional levels of freight forwarders and logistics service providers in the United Kingdom.

BIFA is the UK National Association member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations FIATA. It is one of a number of freight trade associations and is listed by the UK government on their Business Link website. It is also consulted by H.M. Revenue and Customs as a member of the Joint Customs Consultative Committee.

The role of BIFA is to represent freight forwarders in discussions with the UK government and various international NGOs, and to provide advice and information on legislative issues that affect the industry sector. It is consulted by UK media organisations concerning air cargo security.

For the purpose of agent selection within the UK, it is justly advisable to establish whether your potential agent is registered with BIFA, as this would also impact the level of insurance coverage to expect, should any issues arise.

As a BIFA member, Universe Logistics fully adopts the Standard Trading Conditions as set out by BIFA. We are satisfied that these conditions offer significant protection for our customers, and demystifies many areas of uncertainty in the freight industry.

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